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Standard Wheel Adapters



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4-Lug to 4-Lug 4-to-4-lug-pair.jpg          5-Lug to 5-Lug 5-to-5-lug-adapter.jpg

6-Lug to 6-Lug 6-lug-adapter.jpg          8-Lug to 8-Lug 8-to-8-lug-adapterpwa.jpg

5-Lug to 6-Lug 5to6ada.jpg          6-Lug to 5-Lug 6to5ada.jpg

5-Lug to 8-Lug 5to8ada.jpg           6-Lug to 8-Lug 6to8adafront.jpg

4-Lug to 5-Lug 4to5ada.jpg          8 to 10 Lug SEMI dually-adapters.jpg


Performancewheeladaptes.com Standard wheel adapters are guaranteed in stock for same day or next day shipping.  We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our standard wheel adapters to save you money and give you the best possible price!  Each wheel adapter is made from Aircraft-grade billet aluminum* – ensuring the highest level of performance and durability for your automobile. Don’t settle for low-quality, re-cast adapters for your wheels and tires – keep your car or truck safe, and looking great with our wheel adapters and dually adapters, available for almost every make and model.

Don’t see the adapter you need? Contact us, and we’ll custom make one to your specifications!


* 8-Lug to 10-Lug Semi Wheel Adapters are built from Super Tought Tempered Steal for Superior Strenght and Durability on Heavy Duty Trucks and 4 Wheel Drives!



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