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How to Install 2-Piece Conversion Wheel Adapters

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended

Note: We are sorry but we accept No Returns or Exchanges on any 2-piece Wheel Adapter


Each 2-piece wheel adapter has two separate pieces. Unscrew the black bolts and you will have the inner piece (w/o studs) and the outer piece (with studs). 


1) Installing 1st Piece: Put the inner piece adapter to the hub. Use open-end lug nuts with the matching thread size as the hub studs to secure. Make sure the open-end lug nuts sit down below flush inside the holes of the adapters. If the open-end lug nuts or the OE wheel Studs stick out, Remove the inner piece and cut the studs. If needed, find low profile lug nuts. 

2) Installing 2nd Piece: Put the outer piece adapter to the inner piece, using the provided black bolts. Torque BLACK Assembly BOlts to 50 ft-lb. (It is highly recommended to use ThreadLocker or Loctite glue or similar products for extra strength and reducing vibration loosening. Apply the gel to the leading 5 to 6 threads of the black bolts before bolting them on)

3) Installing rims: Put the wheels onto the adapters. Use the lug nuts with the same thread size as the adapter studs to secure the rims. 

Important Notes:

During installation, inspect the mounting surface between the adapter inner piece and vehicle disc, the inner piece and the outer piece, wheels and the adapter outer piece. Remove any retaining clips and dirt. Make sure each mounting surface is flat and clean.

Make sure the hub studs coming through the inner piece are not sticking against the outer piece of the adapter. If so, cut the hub studs short.

Torque Reference:

Torque recommendation for both the open-end lug nuts and rims’ lug nuts

65 ft-lb for 7/16” studs
85 ft-lb for ½” studs
80 ft-lb for 12mm studs
95 ft-lb for 14mm studs
100 ft-lb for 9/16” studs

Very Important:

Re-torque after traveling the first 50-100 miles. As the wheels are “breaking in”, they may compress slightly, allowing their lugs to lose some of their torque.

Check all lug nuts and bolts every 3000-5000 miles. When doing oil change or rotate tires, it is the best time to check the installed adapters.

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