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All About Hub Centric Adapters


What are Hub Centric & Wheel Centric Adapters?


Hub Centric is a term we use for an adapter that fits precisely onto your axle hub

and also has a hub or lip on the face of the adapter to center your rims. 

In other words the Inside Diameter of the adapter center hole is the same as the Outside Diameter of your vehicle axle hub.

The lip or the hub on the face of the adapter is usually the same size of the center hole of whatever rims you are installing.

The result is a perfectly centered wheel that delivers a smooth ride free of any vibrations.


Do I Need Hub Centric Adapters?


Hub Centric & Wheel Centric Adapters are generally used for two reasons:  

1.  You either NEED them because your wheels require a hub centric installation.

2.  You simply want the best adapter you can buy.


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all VW, AUDI, MERCEDES and BMW always use Hub Centric adapters. 

These vehicles, and any other vehicle that uses Lug BOLTS instead of lug NUTS for wheel installation

tend to have vibration issues any time  a wheel is not installed hub centric.


You can identify a wheel that requires a hub centric installation by the type of lug nut it uses. 

If the wheel requires a FLAT SEAT lug nut or Ball Seat (radius seat) lug nut like the ones pictured below,

you should utilize a Hub Centric installation. 


These types of lug nuts will NOT accurately center your wheels on your vehicle

which will result in a vibration problem that often leads to the wheels and lugs working themselves loose.

This could cause a wheel to come off the vehicle while driving.


What If My Wheels Take A Standard Acorn Style Lug Nut?


Many of our customers still order Hub Centric adapters for the added peace of mind.

They will get the best possible ride that is safe and free of vibrations.


Can’t Find The Hub Centric Adapter You Need?


We can fabricate just about ANY adapter you can dream up

using our precision, CNC machine and True Extrurded 6061 Billet Bar Stock.

Contact us for pricing and availability.


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