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4 Lug to 5 Lug


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Pattern Change Made Easy - 2-Piece Wheel Adapters

Fits your 4 Lug Car to Install a 5 Hole Wheel


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4x100 Vehicles

4x108 (4x4.25) Vehicles

4x4.5 (4x114.3) Vehicles


For many car and truck owners, changing wheels can be a frustrating process – finding the perfect set of custom wheels, only to learn that the bolt pattern doesn’t match with your current vehicle.  Fortunately, the solution is simple – 2 Piece Wheel Adapters from Performancewheeladapters.com allow pattern change so that you can use the wheels that you want, without being limited by bolt patterns.  These wheel bolt pattern adapters are manufactured with Haas CNC machinery and designed with state of the art craftsmanship, installing securely to your wheels and lasting for years.

Each of our bolt pattern adapters is made from heat treated, true extruded 6061 billet material, ensuring that they will stand up to all driving conditions on any car or truck. 


Click HERE to read Installation Instructions for 2-piece Wheel Adapters

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