Performance Wheel Adapters recommends that all of our products are installed by a qualified automotive technician or a wheel and tire specialist.


Propert installation requires that the wheel lug torque be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle.

This informaiton can be found in your owner's manual or obtained from your vehicle dealer.

Finish tightening the lugs with an accurate torque wrench. Use a crisscross sequence (or star pattern) until they have reach their proper torque value. Be careful because if you over torque a wheel, you can you can strip a lug nut, stretch or break a wheel stud, and cause the wheel, brake rotor and/or brake drum to distort.

NOTE: When installing new wheels you should re-torque them after traveling the first 50 to 100 miles.
This is necessary because as the wheels are "breaking in" they may compress slightly allowing their lugs to lose some of their torque. Simply repeat the same torque procedure listed above.

Listed below are recommended torque settings for various stud sizes:

12mm 80 ft-lbs
14mm 90 ft-lbs
7/16" 80 ft-lbs
1/2" 85 ft-lbs
9/16" 145 ft-lbs

Refer to your invoice/packing list to determine the size of the studs installed in YOUR Performance Wheel Adapters.


Make sure that neither the lug nuts or the vehicle's studs are coming through the flat face of the of the adapter one it is installed on your vehicle.
The wheel mounting surface must be a flat surface.
Trimming of the studs may be necessary on some vehicles.


The user of this item assumes all risk and holds no liability against the seller.
Wheel adapters are an aftermarket product and are intended for customizing show vehicles
Lug Man makes no claims that the item is "street legal" or safe to drive on public roads.


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